Industry Overview

Gas Facts at a Glance
  • The US is the second largest producer and the largest consumer of natural gas.
  • In a single year, the average US home uses 84,000 cubic feet of natural gas.
  • Americans use about 62 billion cubic feet of natural gas everyday!
  • Almost 8,000 US companies produce natural gas.
Uses of Natural Gas
  • 42% Industrial.
  • 22% Residential.
  • 14% Commercial.
  • 14% Electric Utility.
  • 8% Other.
Sources of Natural Gas
  • 84% Domestic Production.
  • 15% from Canada.
  • 1% Imported Liquid Natural Gas.

Natural gas ownerships may be one of the best profit opportunities of the decade.

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Natural gas is the big winner!

Natural gas will compete in the energy market in two ways:

  • (1) as a direct end use fuel for residentiol, commercial, and industrial users,
  • (2) as an efficient fuel to generate electricity. As one utility spokesperson said, “the future is here and the future is about competition.” Read more (PDF)