Petron Energy, Inc. Management

Floyd Smith – Chief Executive Officer & President

Mr. Smith received his Bachelor of Business Administration from Harding University and has
more than 29 years of experience working in the oil and gas industry. Petron Energy, Inc. was
started in 1998 and has funded, drilled or reworked more than 50 wells in Texas, Louisiana and
Oklahoma. Mr. Smith is a member of the President’s Council of Harding University.

Bob Currier – Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Currier received his Bachelor of Business Administration with a major in Accounting from
Washburn University and holds a CPA certificate and more than 39 years of experience both
in the public accounting and corporate sectors. Since 1987, Mr. Currier has been involved
with entrepreneurial ventures in industries ranging from medical to real estate to oil and gas.
With these companies, he has been responsible for developing financial reporting systems,
helping raise capital. implementing internal controls and budget preparation.

Gerald Ebanks – Vice President Geology

Mr. Ebanks received his Bachelor of Science in Geology from Lamar University and his Masters in
Geology from the University of Texas. He has worked in various senior level positions in his 50-
year career. Mr. Ebanks has extensive experience in East Texas, North Louisiana, Mississippi,
Alabama and South Arkansas. In addition, he performed geological evaluations, wellsite planning,
mapping seismic planning, seismic oversight and seismic interpretation.